what are our limits?

Limits are concepts perpetuated by others. Think about it this way: we come into this simulation, and automatically, our names are chosen for us. Our country and citizenship we arrive at is given without choice. We come home to blue nurseries if we are born “a boy” and pink ones if we are born “a girl”, and we are taught to believe in the identities that were chosen on our behalf.

Then what? In most western cultures we then go to school, go to work, eat, sleep, and then die: submissive to life and coasting-by based on the limitations set by outside factors. What we must realize is that, these imagine-less patterns that so many of us have become systematized to, only feels like reality because we make it feel like reality.

Because we’ve become so accustomed to living by these social constructs and behaviors, the limits we set on our lives no longer start to feel like limits, and we start to passively accept our life for what it is, based on the limitations that OTHER people have perpetuated for us. This low vibrational, hardly conscious way of experiencing life stops today. 

To be a part of Omerta Cortex is to break the chains of past cycles and limitations, and realize that imagination is our greatest gift. If you can imagine it, it is real. Just like the giant Mediterranean beef squids swimming off the coast of French Polynesia in the middle of mating season ;)

Imagination mixed with courage breaks the chains of limitations. Once we can accept that limits do not exist, then, and only then, can we truly live a life of consciousness, and authentically level up in this adventurous game called life.

written by kari irwin